UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program

UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program

Worldwide Investors invited to join our UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program

Are you nervous that your 2022 investments could be weak? Buying rough diamonds to cut, polish and sell never fails to reap the rewards you are seeking. When the general investment markets worry you regarding your short term investments. Diamonds can be a solid return but only when the process is fluid, certified and trusted.

Join the Short-Term Managed UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program

In 2014 we started AIC Diamond DMCC t/a Minerals Trading Company. Philip Hayward the director is IGI certified to value rough and polished diamonds. 

In 2017 the company exported the first KP Certified diamonds from Portugal to Dubai.  Since then our award winning company has bought, cut, polished and sold gem quality diamonds to the gem market in New York for a profit.

  • We have a license with the;- Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai Diamond Exchange, Antwerp Diamond Exchange and Portugal Diamond Exchange. 
  • We are members of the Kimberley Process ensuring we only deal in non-conflict goods. 
  • We use Transguard, Brinks and Ferrari for our insured secure logistics at all times.

We have found a lot of investors would like to get into the diamond trade but have not for many reasons. Trust is the main factor and we reassure our investors when purchasing rough diamonds as we use the Galaxy plotting machine to accurately understand the potential of each rough stone prior to purchase.

We offer our Short-Term Managed UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program (Buy/Sell) to seasoned investors (whom may want a bit of diversification to their portfolio) or even those experienced in the diamond market, all are invited to get involved.

UAE Diamond Trade Investment Program Brief

  • Minimum $100,000 program amount, can have up 5 investors as a group ($20,000 p/investor)
  • We only buy 5ct to 10ct rough gem quality KP certified Diamonds with the minimum of a 3ct (normally higher) cut and polished stone (along with some smaller) as the resulting investment transformation.
  • Once we source KP certified diamonds, we only use the funds required to purchase. For example if we buy 2 diamonds for $35,000 and £45,000 with remaining $20,000 we used in the region of $10,000 for costs such as boiling, plotting, cutting, polishing, GIA certification, secure transport.  The remaining $10,000 amount in the program wont be used and will sit in the program account, this unused amount generates no return on investment.
  • Agreements signed
  • Funds sent to our USD account at Mashreq Dubai.

On a weekly basis we keep you updated

  • When we buy the diamond, the purchase amount is secured within the diamond which is insured upon purchase and throughout the entire process.
  • Diamonds are sold to vetted end buyers in New York at top industry rates
  • Insurance starts once the diamond is bought from either the Antwerp or Dubai Diamond Exchanges.
  • Once the stones are ready for sale in New York they are insured by the diamond exchange until the buyers collection in NY.
  • Investment funds are always secured in the diamonds and their insurance throughout the 3 month process.
  • Returns are 20% per trade amount used.
  • Multiple trades will happen per program on different time lines.

At the end of the each trade within the program

  • All investors have the opportunity to exit the program. Receiving the used amount and its profit along with the unused amount with no profit, returned. Or each investor is invited to continue and reinvest into the next trade.
  • Each trade is generally 3 months; from rough purchase, to the cut and polished sale in New York.
  • Fully managed trades:- Videos and photos of the diamonds from sourcing to plotting, cutting and the final certified polished diamond are documented.
  • Fully Licensed and based in the DMCC.

Want to see how your investment works?

Visit our Executive Apartment and Holiday in Dubai Marina.

Our exclusive luxury executive apartment for our Directors and Program Investors use, is located in the new LIV Residence in Dubai Marina with private and secure parking.

Investments can exclude or include the Executive Investor Holiday Package priced at £5000 for 1 week and includes;

  • 2 x airport transfers
  • private ensuite bedroom in our executive apartment
  • weekly full fridge
  • weekly cleaning, bed linen and towel changes
  • guided diamond excursion trips to the DMCC with our secure logistics
  • guided KP office excursion

Executive Investors Holidays only operate outside the dates of the Dubai Diamond Tenders.

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