Want To Sell Your Investment Grade Fancy Diamonds Quickly?

We are buyers of most fancy coloured diamonds including fancy pink, fancy blue, fancy orange, fancy red, fancy yellow and fancy green diamonds with value upto $25 million.The price range we will provide will take into account a final valuation where we will determine weather the colour grade is strong (fancy vivid) or weak (faint, light) and the rarity of your stones in diamonds markets.

Minerals Trading Company can purchase jewellery and loos diamonds that are not GIA certified. However, without certainty of grading provided by GIA we will provide you with a much wider price range to copy with potentially large variances at the time of final grading.Look no further and liquidate your investment grade fancy coloured diamonds today.

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We are Kimberley Process UAE certified. We deal with rough diamond sellers who are participants in the Kimberley Process. Banking compliance procedures maybe required.
Once the goods have arrived at Dubai customs, our clearing agent takes care of customs clearance, insurance, secure logistics and safe keeping in the Dubai Diamond Exchange vaults.
We will engage a diamond valuer at the Dubai Diamond Exchange for the purpose of physically valuing and assorting the consignment. The deemed value of the consignment in both carats and US dollars shall be communicated to the seller in the form of a written report.
If necessary we can resort the individual parcels. This is with a view to better the mix of diamonds that are sought by the market at that point in time. This increases the probability of securing a higher sale price.
We shall facilitate sales to specific groups of private buyers; in the secure environment of the Dubai Diamond Exchange.
As part of the sales process; we will facilitate an auction process to sell part of or the entire consignment on the tender dates. The tender process offers small producers an advantage in obtaining higher prices for their stones. It offers large producers very cost-effective sales facilities as well as the most accurate price point comparisons. These tenders are always by invitation only.
All infrastructure and marketing support for the auction process shall be provided by Minerals Trading Company.
Purpose built facilities with state-of-the-art automated vaults and safes.
We use a reputable secure logistic company located in the Dubai Diamond Exchange. They take care of all transport of goods, customs to the vault, moving goods from the vault to the viewing rooms in the Dubai Diamond Exchange, and all goods are insured at all times until they are sold.
Fully-equipped private sales, trade and meeting rooms.
Our bank is conveniently located in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre https://mannapotheke.de/cialis-generika/. Bank transfer payments will be issued within three days of the sale after the proceeds have cleared in our account.
All goods are insured in the Minerals Trading Company premises in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and Dubai Diamond Exchange. Once goods leave the premises they are the risk of the buyer.
At an extra cost, we can also offer boiling, cutting, sawing and polishing services to better the profits. If you need any other relevant service we would be happy to discuss facilitating them for you.
Our fees are deducted from the sale proceeds of any transaction.