Portugals First Diamonds Sold To Dubai

Philip Hayward (Director of AIC Diamonds DMCC), Anish Deriwala and Vitor Rita facilitated the first diamond trade in Portugal, since Lisbon was the diamond trading capital of the New World more than 500 years ago! Resulting in Portugal’s first diamonds sold to Dubai with Kimberley Process Certificates.

Philip Hayward Director AIC Diamonds DMCC on the left

Portugal and diamonds are steeped in an ancient history. Originally Portugal was the central Diamond Hub of Europe. A Mecca where diamonds came into Europe through Portugals connections with Angola. Many years have since passed where these strong sparkling stones have not seen Portuguese shores, until recently. In 2016 a new Diamond Exchange was started in Portugal, that involved being part of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Philip Hayward of AIC Diamonds DMCC purchased the first parcel of Kimberley Certified rough diamonds, that was exported to Dubai with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Resulting in Portugal’s first diamonds sold to Dubai with the Kimberley Process! Their certificate number was 0001/2016 (see image below).

Portugal’s first Kimberley Certified Rough Diamonds Sold to AIC Diamonds DMCC

Portugal’s first diamonds sold to Dubai

This first ever Kimberley Certified purchase took place in Portugal at Lisbon Airport where the Diamond Exchanged is located. The Diamond Exchange can be found in the Free Zone in Lisbon Airport. Along with all the cargo companies that are ready to export Kimberley Certified Diamond parcels, to world wide destinations.

Opening up this ancient channel of diamond trading was an honour only one company could accept. Selected for their elite customer service and connections within the worldwide diamond trade. The Minerals Trading Company trading as AIC Diamonds DMCC. Marked history with this first transaction in Portugal using the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

News Release – Lisbon, PortugalMarch 16, 2016: Portuguese company has announced its first-ever export of rough diamonds with Kimberley Process certificates to Dubai. The Lisbon-based rough diamond trading company exported the KP-approved diamonds to Philip Hayward Director of AIC Diamonds DMCC which is a member of the Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre, and will be exporting rough diamonds on a regular basis. Please see our video below.

AIC Diamonds DMCC Facilitate the First Kimberley Process Diamond Deal in Portugal!

Diamond Sellers & Buyers

Diamond owners living locally in Portugal and Spain (and those further afield) whether they own rough diamonds, cut diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds or those set in jewellery, will be thankful they can now release their investment diamonds to AIC Diamonds DMCC, in any of their secure world wide offices. The Minerals Trading Company trading as AIC Diamonds DMCC are diamond buyers as well as facilitators of diamond deals for their private clients.

AIC Diamonds are leaders in facilitating the sale or purchase of all diamonds including fancy coloured diamonds. Their in-house Gemologists are located around the world in Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Antwerp, Dubai, Portugal and London with AIC Diamonds very own Director Philip Hayward. Our Gemologists using Colorimeters and Galaxy Plotting/Planning Machines results in their accurate diamond analysis and valuations. Rough diamonds can soon be cut and polished in the anticipated AIC Diamonds Cutting House in Antwerp before GIA Certification and subsequent higher price sales in tenders in Antwerp, Dubai and New York.

AIC Diamonds DMCC is recommended by high end diamond investors for their secure efficiency, accurate diamond valuations and fast worldwide diamond deal transactions.

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