We offer a range of specific Buyer Services for Diamond Traders, Manufacturers, Investors and Private Buyers.

Buying rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds with us in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is easy and profitable using our state-of-the-art facilities and buyer services for diamond traders, manufacturers, investors and private buyers.

Minerals Trading Company has access to reliable sources of rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds.

We work with you to arrange parcels that attract the best prices and meet our buyer’s requirements.

We offer state of the art viewing and testing facilities for buyers to have complete confidence in their purchase. This confidence results in higher margins for sellers and better value for buyers.

We accept orders from buyers who have specific requirements for rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds. We provide large amounts of gem-quality rough and coloured diamonds. Please contact us for further information.
Every month we have thousands of carats available. Having a regular commitment of professionally assorted rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds is important to our success. We supply a reliable flow of goods to our buyers.
Inspecting the goods can be done securely and comfortably by prior appointment in fully-equipped private sales and meeting rooms with state of the art testing facilities available. Access to the Gem Analysis Centre is available upon request.
We use Transguard; who are based in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. If required we can ship goods to the buyer’s destination at their own cost on receipt of the cleared funds in our bank account.
All of our diamonds are non-conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process UAE and Gemological Institute of America offices are located in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre; verification of conflict-free status and quality can be conducted there.
At an extra cost, we can offer boiling through the Diamond Boiling Factory at DMCC. We also offer cutting, sawing and polishing services to increase profits on rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds. We are happy to discuss any additional services that you may need.