MTC Minerals Trading Company DMCC

MTC Minerals Trading Company DMCC (previously AIC Diamonds DMCC) is licensed and regulated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, DMCC Company Regulations 2003 and the By-Laws of the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

Years of experience...

With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the gold market and the rough and polished diamond industry, MTC Minerals Trading Company DMCC is your perfect forward thinking trading partner, making you profits whether you are a miner or a manufacturer. In addition to our MTC annual buying budgets we have a large global network of direct producers and private buyers. When trading with MTC sellers receive a full and fair price for their diamonds and gold. Buyers appreciate the quality of goods we provide and the ability to trade in the free zone.

We are established under and governed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre regulations 2003.

The regulations are interpreted and enforced by the Dubai courts. We are also subject to the laws of the Dubai Diamond Exchange and the rules and regulations of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and submit to arbitration under them.

Dubai created the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre in 2002. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is a 200 hectare business complex with Almas Tower containing 65 floors dedicated to the diamond industry.

Strategic Location

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre launched the Dubai Diamond Exchange in 2005 to further promote Dubai as a modern, trustworthy trading environment with World class infrastructure and logistics. The Dubai Diamond Exchange is the only bourse in the Middle East affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. The World Federation of Diamond Bourse provides a legal framework and enacts regulations for its member diamond bourses to uphold international standards.

Dubai has many advantages compared with expensive Antwerp and Tel-Aviv. Dubai’s central position has excellent transport links between Africa, India and Russia. There is no corporation or personal income tax in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre with a duty free status, making Dubai the perfect place to trade precious metals and rough or cut and polished diamonds or coloured diamonds.


2014 Incorporated AIC Diamonds DMCC

MTC Minerals Trading Company DMCC

2022 Company Name Change to MTC Minerals Trading Company DMCC

Highlighting the fact we trade in gold and rough, cut, polished and fancy coloured diamonds

We are a reputable diamond and gold traders specialising in buying gold and trading in rough, cut, polished and coloured diamonds.


Where appropriate, certified through the Kimberley Process or the Gemological Institute of America GIA or the International Gemological Institute IGI.

The seller first provides soft copies of all documentation.

Then sends by their secure insured logistics company a consignment containing a parcel of rough, cut, polished or fancy coloured diamonds or gold dore bars.

Our clearing agent takes over at customs, after clearance the goods are delivered to our secure storage within the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

We then make an offer to buy your diamonds and gold or we partner with you trading through a network of private buyers with face-to-face negotiations at our auction tenders in the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

The seller remains as the registered owner until the goods are sold.

Goods are never shipped to buyers until their full payment has been received and cleared.

The seller is paid by MTC within five days of the transaction by direct bank transfer.